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For easier understanding, we’ve split the rules into two lists: the short list and the long list. Basically, everything in the short list is expanded in the long list.

- Be a good person. No hateful or sexist comments.
- No swearing or profanity.
- No sexual explicit material.
- No spamming. Almost all posts must at least 10 words in length.
- Credit your sources.
- All original content posted must be credited with our URL in link format. (For example: Mark @
- Do not post information from unreliable sources.
- Follow all specific forum rules.
- English only (unless otherwise stated).

Be a good person. Absolutely no hateful, racist, or sexual comments is accepted.
- This is a PG-rated community. No swearing, profanity, or sexual explicit material are allowed. Posting of sexually explicit material will result in a ban.
- People have their own opinions you may disagree with, but you don’t have the right to criticize them for it in a demeaning manner.
- Bashing other idols or idol groups is not allowed.

No Spamming.
- Do not copy/paste replies.
- No posting of less than 10 words.
- No excessive use of smilies in place of words to bypass the word limit.
- No double posting.
- Do not make duplicate threads. Please check each section for existing threads.
As an aside, our staff work very hard to bring you news and updates regarding Red Velvet with our own free time and it’s demoralizing to us when people try to work around our rules.

Do not quote images/videos.
- Quoting images and videos slows down our forum. People find it difficult to use, especially on mobile devices, so please refrain from doing so.
- If you are quoting someone, please remove the image/video tags.

Credit your sources. When sharing content, please credit where it’s originally from.
Vice versa with original content posted from 4Velvet, it must be credited with our link (For example: Mark @

Follow all specific forum rules. Rules here are applicable in all areas of the community, but each forum may have additional guidelines to follow above the topic list.

Please post in only English. We understand as an international community, English may not be many members' first language, but please try to do so. For threads specifically for a particular region, each respective language may be used. However, English is always preferred.

Signature Rules:
- Please keep all signature banners to a maximum resolution of 500x150.
- There is to be a maximum of 4 lines of text in your signatures.
- No more than 3 images in your signature (GIFs, icons, and banners). You are restricted to only one animated GIF in your signature.

Big and excessive signature images slow down the forum and ruin the experience for other members, so please be courteous to them.

For Velvet Forums

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Updated Signature Rules

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