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  1. rv's new album is coming soon asdfghjkl

  2. Hello~ <3

    heyyy~ nice to see you here too! <33333333 thanks so much haha ^^ let chat more here ok~
  3. Hello~ <3

    Hi Xena (you have such a pretty name<3) nice to meet you^^ and thank you <3
  4. Hello~ <3

    Hello ^^ nice to meet you as well <3 and thank you very much I'm glad you like them <3
  5. [MILESTONE] 1,000 Members!

    congrats 4V <333333333333333333
  6. [PROJECT] 1st Anniversary Project

    if i signed up earlier i would have donated at least you guys reached the goal^^ <3 hope everything goes as planned! hwaiting ^^
  7. Hello~ <3

    Thank you^^ nice to see you on here as well
  8. Hello~ <3

    annyeong chinguya~ hehe nice to meet you nick ^^ and omg i don't mind at all haha <333
  9. For Velvet Awards

    Username: yoonvelyz Award I want: Wendy (Happiness) 2, Ice Cream Cake Cover, WenRene Shipper 2, and Seulgi (Ice Cream Cake) 2 Achievement: sign up + 45 posts
  10. haha so cutee ^^^ thanks for sharing <3
  11. [QUESTION] RV's personal accounts on 4V?

    wahhhh i hope they come on one day! that would be so memorable and amazing <3333333
  12. [PRESS] 150727 Gimpo Airport from Japan - RED VELVET

    thanks for sharing ! they're goddesses even without makeup hope they're fine and getting their rest <333