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  1. Source: Red Velvet Instagram
  2. Hey RVNations :))

    Hi Lyssa, welcome to For Velvet ^^
  3. Heyoo!!!

    Hello! Happiness was definitely a great era Oh how much our babies have grown. Welcome to For Velvet!
  4. [SUGGESTION] Awards system

    They'll come back.. soon.. T_T we're working on some more important things right now so stay tuned! Sorry it's taken so long to come back
  5. maey rises

    Hi @maey! Welcome~ You should post your graphics in our social section if you like we all bawl our eyes out for Irene btw
  6. Joy is turning 20 (21 Korean age) today, September 3th, 2016 For Velvet would also like you to share your birthday message to her. Please leave your message below using this format: Name: Country: Message:
  7. Cr: gamedevgirls_drama Instagram
  8. Hi everyone, To contribute to our collective anniversary project, we're bringing back the For Velvet Shop and are working with some fan artists from the community to create Red Velvet fan merchandise! We had a lot more fan artist submissions but we tried to keep the product count low. All proceeds will go towards our collective donation of $2,500 to the Korea Fighting Blindness Organization. Donations and sales will conclude on July 28th so get your merch soon! FOR VELVET SHOP